My Remarks at the September 29th Council Meeting

I stand at this podium tonight to talk about the senior snow plow program.

But, first I want to make one thing perfectly clear: During the budget process I voted against the transfer of $1 million dollars out of the Sound insulation Fund, I stand by that vote and would vote the same today.

The reason I voted against taking $1million dollars out of what is essentially a savings account to fund noise reduction projects is because our residents are still plagued with excessive noise levels from trains and planes. These funds are needed to help our residents have more peaceful & quiet neighborhoods.

Now to tonight’s agenda and the legislation introduced by Councilman Salvatore to end our Senior Snow Removal Service after 37 years on the books.

Yes, this legislation on third reading tonight, if adopted, WILL Expressly Repeal the snow removal service for senior citizens that has existed for 37 years. This is one of the same senior services that Mayor Coyne suspended last year even though we have a ordinance on the books right now requiring this service. Now I don’t know why for sure Mr. Salvatore chose to help the Mayor out by introducing this legislation to discontinue the snow removal service for senior citizens so the Mayor doesn’t have to worry about not honoring this law of our fine City… Again. This legislation on third reading tonight, if adopted, WILL Expressly Repeal the snow removal service for senior citizens and change it to a convoluted program that will have all of the following issues if passed in present form:

·     Physically Disabled are Not covered in snow plowing program.

·     Higher cost to the city. $72k  vs  $80k plus costs to implement

·     Much higher cost to the residents, around $200 based on information given.

·     Higher age required  70 vs 65… We don’t want more calls for EMS service!

There are other things to note about this issue:

* The Mayor has stated that “we need to change the way services are provided” but this will eliminate the service by the city and shift the cost to seniors!

*We have been told by the Mayor that “we don’t have the manpower to plow seniors driveways” Why? Because the Mayor laid them off on January first!

In closing,  I urge a No vote on Ordinance No.9972-2015 in the form currently presented tonight!

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